Vision for Alit

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To be a leader in the development of new food products by using cutting edge technologies, to meet the increasing demand of a population that, day by day, becomes more conscious regarding their eating habits, which are the foundation for good health and an optimal performance in life.

This desire drives us to develop new products that not only provide nutrients but also contribute to a better functioning of the human body.


To foster a culture of healthy eating habits through 100% natural products, created from the commitment to provide elements to improve the quality of life of society as a whole.

Contribute to the social, economic and technological development of the country, using local raw materials and employing innovative processes that favor research and promote a healthy environment.


Our People
The most important asset of our company.

Our products comply promptly with the promise to nurture your health.

The experience of a group of professionals who combined their knowledge and experiences, to create products that improve the quality of life of the society in which they participate.

The union of a group of people working together, giving their best effort to achieve the same goal.

Guaranteed in each of our products.

Fewer resources and better results through human capital development and teamwork.

To become a world class company, with more advanced technological means and systems, strict quality control.

We are committed to partnership with our co-workers, the environment, our customers and our suppliers.

Agave nectar

Natural Agave nectar

Mielalit is 100% organic agave nectar, also named agave syrup wich is natural sweetener containing 70% fructose. What is agave syrup?

Agave nectar low glycemic index syrup

Agave Inulin

Natural Agave Inulin

Fibralit is natural agave inulin, fiber composed by fructose chains with sweet flavor.

Agave inulin organic soluble fiber